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Slate Roofing

Slate roofing offers a variety of choices with regard to sizes, thickness and shades. The appearance of a slate roof is primarily determined by the material used and is therefore always correct. For centuries the standard has been set by slate roofing and by slate itself.

The standard thickness for a slate roof is constructed of slate that is roughly 3/16" in thickness. The shingles are cut with a square tail (or butt) and are of a uniform standard length and width. They are then arranged in homogeneous horizontal lines.

If desired a hexagon or diamond pattern tail may be cut that reflects a Gothic visual aspect to either all or part of the roof (provided a turret or steeple has been chosen)

Composit Slate

Composite slate is a recycled rubber material, and one of the great benefits of composit slate is that it weighs much less for the roof structure. Therefore you will not have to worry about it breaking, or possibly falling from the roof and injuring someone below. Neither is there the need to worry about performing slate repair, while the life span of composit slate roofing is approximately 20 to 30 years. So in summary it has the benefits of being lighter, easier to install, and being relitively maintenance free.

Metal Roofing

In recent times Metal roofing has gained greatly in popularity mainly because it has become associated with the idea of strength. A metal roof is a great way of getting an attractive, sturdy, and long lasting roofing solution that will last for years. With the positive progression of paint finishes, selection of colors, and endurance it provides, metal roofing will withstand the change of seasons well.

While the cost of metal roofing may initially be more than asphalt roofing, taking into consideration the overall lifetime expectancy, a quality metal roofing solution comes into perspective as a great value. Given the ability of metal roofing to withstand snow and ice, wind, hail, and rain better than other roofing systems, in addition to featuring a long life expectancy, you can rest easy in knowing your highest expectations will be met.

Some other benefits of a quality metal roof include their ability to be made from recycled material, and are 100% recyclable themselves. When compared to other roofing systems the weight of a metal roof is considerably less and thus places less stress on your roofing structure. Metal roofing is fire resistant, better with regard to repelling heat, and helps to reduce energy costs.


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