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What Type Of Roofs Are Eligible

Flat Roof Maintenance Programs are available for commercial flat and slate roofs only.

What Is The Benefit Of Having A Maintenance Program

Maintenance programs are beneficial in prolonging the life of your roof. Proper maintenance can extended the life span of a roof an average of between 5, and 8 to 10 more years as a result of proper maintenance. Our maintenance programs are intended to catch any repairs while they are still small in order to prevent larger more costly repairs. Doing so also helps to prevent many of the damages a roof in need of repair can cause such as water damage, insulation damage and other costly interior damage.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Performed?

Depending on the maintenance program designed for you, such things as cleaning roof drains, cleaning snow off the roof in winter, and fixing roof top units during the summer. For example, for field seams on flat roofs, re-gluing, re-taping, and in general just preventative maintenance from wear and tear.

How Is A Maintenance Done?

Our service professional will carefully inspect your roof looking for the areas most needing maintenance. Then based on observations our service professional will perform needed maintenance for the year. If during inspection a need arises that goes beyond the reach of your maintenance program we can make that need know to you early while the issue remains small and discuss the additional cost of repair.


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